Service Pricing

At Impact Aquariums we offer and install a variety of aquariums based on your vision and goals. Some are desktop features, others are incorporated into walls and also used as room dividers to break up a living or work space.

Aquariums are often very unique and built to individual standards. Depending on your goals and needs, you can choose one of our completed packages below, or part of your consultation will be discussing the option of building a custom aquarium to fit exactly where you need it such as in a pre-cut wall space or used as a room divider. Due to our ability to buy wholesale, we pass on as much of the savings to you as we can and have very competitive prices compared to local outlets.

Due to the unique factors surrounding each installation, pricing is all custom.

Other service prices

  • Monthly maintenance packages to be assessed based on aquarium needs, discounts available for repeat customers. 
  • Standard Maintenance and Installation Services $85/hr per person.  (Minimum 2 hours)
  • Online and on site consultations start from $95
  • Equipment, coral and aquarium sales - please contact

Prices accurate as of January 2022

Custom Build


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