Curious Wormfish Goby
Gunnelichthys curiosus

Curious Wormfish Goby

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The Curious Wormfish is also referred to as the Rainbow Goby, the Neon Worm Goby, and the Yellow-striped Worm Eel. The Curious Wormfish has orange and metallic blue stripes running the length of its body.


A tank of at least 30 gallons or larger with a sandy bottom will provide a healthy environment, as this fish tends to bury itself in soft substrate both at night and when startled. The Curious Wormfish may be kept as an individual or in small groups, but all need to be introduced to the tank simultaneously and have plenty of swimming room. Its tankmates should be peaceful, as it is easy prey for more aggressive fish.

The meaty diet of the Curious Wormfish should include fresh or frozen seafood and brine and mysis shrimp.