Flametail Blenny

Flametail Blenny

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The Flametail Blenny, also known as the Yellowtail Black Blenny, have a black body with bright yellow anal, caudal, and posterior dorsal fins. This cute and spunky blenny can frequently be misidentified as the popular Bicolor Blenny (Ecsenius bicolor). The Flametail Blenny has a more rounded head and caudal fin compared to the more square head and angular caudal fin of the Bicolor Blenny. Also, the Flametail Blenny lacks the cirri found between the eyes of the Bicolor Blenny. 

Natural Ecology:
Adults inhabit shallow coral reefs. They are frequently found perching on rocks near the bottom of its habitat, while occasionally moving higher up on the reef to graze on algal films and filamentous algae.

Indigenous To:
Western Pacific: South China Sea

The Flametail Blenny is generally peaceful towards other tank mates, but they may pick on other blennies, small gobies, or dartfish.

Usually ignores corals and most invertebrates.

Proaquatix specimens have been weaned to accept a nutritionally complete pelletized diet. This species of blenny should also be offered marine algae, Spirulina, and freshly frozen ocean plankton, Mysis shrimp, or brine shrimp.