Flourish Glue - 0.28 oz - 2 pk

Flourish Glue - 0.28 oz - 2 pk

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Seachem Flourish Glue is a remarkably strong and versatile adhesive that rapidly secures moss and live aquatic plants to aquarium surfaces such as driftwood, rocks, and even gravel. This specially formulated cyanoacrylate gel bonds in seconds and provides exceptional control, hold, and durability in both freshwater and saltwater environments. It works extremely well for planting bunch plants such as Bacopa, Cobomba and Hygrophila, and for greater functionality and ease of use, it can even be applied underwater. Seachem Flourish Glue is incredibly easy to use. Just apply a small amount to your moss or plant roots immediately before planting to enjoy secure, near-permanent placement and form. While primarily developed for aquatic planting, this versatile adhesive is also great for general-purpose aquascaping and plastic repairs for intake tubing or ornaments. The glue has been packaged in aluminum tubes to maintain stability, as well as ensuring the glue will not dry up in the tube.


Dispense a small amount of the glue from the tube prior to each use. Apply a small amount of glue to moss or plant roots and press against the desired surface for approximately 20 seconds. For bunch plants, apply glue and plant as usual. Wipe the tip free of glue before putting on the cap. Keep away from skin and eyes.