Live Phyto - 8oz
Live Phyto - 8oz
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Live Phyto - 8oz

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Are you looking for an easy, healthy way to make your aquarium thrive? Live Phyto is the answer. This all-natural solution harnesses the power of single celled microorganisms to create a safe, healthy and vibrant water environment for fish and other aquatic life. By encouraging growth of beneficial bacteria, it increases oxygen levels in your tank and reduces dangerous toxins. With improved water clarity, more natural beauty and carotenoids that help creatures pop with color – your aquarium will become nothing short of spectacular!

Live Phytoplankton is the primary, fundamental building block for nature's oceans. High in essential nutrients, proteins and fatty acids it is the most robust food source for tiny organisms, pods and filter feeders.

Home aquariums are void of natural phytoplankton due to the number of predators, mechanical and physical filtration and competition for resources with other organisms in a finite space.  For that reason, phytoplankton is best dosed on a daily regiment to ensure your display is receiving the most natural of food sources.  

Our Live Phyto is a combination of 2 different strains of green phytoplankton; Nannochloropsis and Tetraselmis.  It is harvested a day before maximum density to prevent your product from crashing in bottle and allowing the phytoplankton to remain the most viable to continue the logarithmic growth if you decide to culture your own.  

Our competitors add 6 strains including a brown algae which could be the reason theirs looks much darker.  Each phytoplankton strain is unique and will have varying opacity at the same cellular count per ml.  Unlike our competitors, our Live Phyto is untreated and remains truly alive!  It will continue to divide and multiply given the right conditions.  

Can be stored for up to 3 months or longer in the fridge if agitated regularly.  I've had some bottles last 6 months in testing and been able to rebloom.  Be sure to give it a gentle shake before adding it to your aquarium each day.  It is common for phytoplankton to become separated during storage.  It should maintain a green colour when healthy.  If phytoplankton changes to a brown colour or develops a thin layer of fatty oil on top, the cells are in the process of dying and the bottle contents should be thrown out.