Versa Single Peristaltic Pump

Versa Single Peristaltic Pump

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The EcoTech Marine Versa Single Peristaltic Pump is a high end multi-purpose aquarium pump designed with versatility in mind. Suitable for applications such as precision dosing, auto top-offs, water changes, feeding and much more, this durable and effective pump is ideal for a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater applications and is a useful tool for both beginner and advanced aquarium hobbyists. The pump itself is constructed with commercial-grade ABS plastics and laboratory grade silicone tubing, built to handle extended, long term applications without sacrificing power or performance. Exceptionally accurate to 2% and conveniently versatile, the pump has a minimum dosing volume of 0.5ul a minute and a maximum dosing volume of 300ml a minute suitable for a wide variety of dosing needs. Setting itself apart from the competition, unit features a drive configuration with a planetary gear that guarantees precision, accuracy, and longevity.

To make things even easier on aquarium owners, the EcoTech Marine Versa Single Peristaltic Pump offers three distinct dosing modes to best suite your specific aquatic needs. The Auto Mode allows aquarists to establish dosing schedules based on what additive or solution is being introduced into the tank. The pump utilizes standard dosing practices and water parameter changes in a reef tank based on the light cycle and delicate biological activity. The Continuous Mode sets the desired dosing rate (volume/minute) that operates when the pump is being powered and needs to be controlled via external means such as a controller, timer or float switch. The Manual Mode includes variable operational capability that allows aquarium owners to create a completely customized schedule for dosing volumes, dosing rates and durations over an established time frame, with up to 30 doses allowed to be created per pump over a 24 hour period. To provide additional peace of mind for aquarium owners, the EcoTech Marine Versa Single Peristaltic Pump includes a Catch-Up feature which allows the pump to quickly and accurately correct the differences in dosing levels in the event that the pump is shut down or interrupted due to power failure.

To maintain unmatched control, the pump features the Mobius control app that can be downloaded on your iOS or Android device. This program allows for the simple and easy management of every aspect of your pump, right in the palm of your hand. The pump boasts an energy efficient power consumption of only 12 watts.


Female PTC & Barbed Adapter 3.15" x 2.34" x 4.21"